To the General of the City-State of Calphos:

Our old history of conflicts with the dragonborn, half-orcs, and dwarves who now live among us seems like just tales for bards to tell of a time long gone. The time for war or assimilation has not ended though. The new continent we are settling brings tales of tall, slender humans with pointed ears who use unknown power to make a witch’s cantrips seem mundane. Children’s tales of fairies have merit here, and there is said to be women of bewitching beauty in the forest that cause onlookers to go blind.

These may seem trivial, but there have also been attacks. The very trees and swamps seem to be demolishing small encampments, and most recently, villages. I understand this may be hard to believe, but we need an army sent across the ocean if our settlements are to survive.

The Council made it very clear that the no military forces would be provided to settlers, to prevent a repeat of our own war-strewn history. If military aid cannot be sent, at least get the word out. There are yet heroes of our land, and perhaps they are willing to try their luck in the New World.

From the edge of the Green,
Captain Peatson

Discovering Greensand